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Cycling Santa Ynez


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409 1st St
Solvang, CA 93463
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Santa Ynez Bicycle Paths

Refugio Road

Skip Refugio Road

  • 10.5 Miles
  • Los Olivos, Ca
  • Start the day with Ballard Cyn Road, the scenic route from Los Olivos to Solvang.This route takes you off the freeway as you enter Goleta. Pass through UC – Santa Barbara and into Goleta Beach Park.

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Solvang Loop

Skip Solvang Loop

  • 13 miles
  • Starts from Alamo Pintado Road to Los Olivos
  • This moderately easy ride combines the charm of a ride through Solvang, the Alamo Pintado Valley, and the country feeling of Ballard Canyon.
  • Solvang, CA

Cycling Solvang Loop

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Jalama Beach

Skip Jalama Beach

  • 58.7 Miles
  • Santa Barbara County, Ca

Cycling Jalama Beach Route

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Santa Rosa Road

Skip Santa Rosa Road

  • 38.3 Miles
  • Lompoc, Ca
  • Santa Rosa Road provides an extended ride of a different type, with much of the ride following a more remote section of the Santa Ynez River Valley. The hillsides are steep and open, with walnut orchards, organic farms and wineries along the way.

Cycling Santa Rosa Road Route

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Figueroa Mountain Road

Skip Figueroa Mountain Road

  • Beginner
    • 9.3 Miles
  • Advanced
    • 40.6 Miles
  • Los Olivos, Ca
  • Figueroa is a ride through farm country, then a ranching valley, a climb up the mountain, a ride across the ridgetop, a drop down the back side, and a ride through another valley.

Figueroa Mountain Loop

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Christine Los Olivos Loop

Skip Christine Los Olivos Loop

  • 44 Miles
  • Los Olivos, Ca
  • his 40+ mile ride goes through areas planted with wine grapes mixed in with rolling hills, ancient oak trees, cattle and horse ranches.

Cycling Christine Los Olivos Loop Route

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Guadalupe to Los Olivos

Skip Guadalupe to Los Olivos

  • 43.3 Miles
  • Guadalupe, Ca
  • Your route to Los Olivos follows the bucolic Foxen Canyon Road, where you’ll pass several wineries and vineyards. Once in Los Olivos you’ll find several very fine restaurants and more than 20 wine tasting rooms crammed into the tiny downtown.

Cycling Guadalupe to Los Olivos Route

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Mountain Drive Loop

Skip Mountain Drive Loop

  • 21 Miles
  • Santa Barbara, Ca
  • Mountain Drive is an in-town loop route with gorgeous mountain and ocean views.

Cycling Mountain Drive Loop Route

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Santa Barbara Sunday Ride

Skip Santa Barbara Sunday

  • 9 Miles
  • Santa Barbara, Ca
  • If it’s Sunday you can explore the Cabrillo Blvd Art Faire as you bike from the Arlington Theatre to the beach and back. This route climbs to Shoreline Park and City College for fabulous views.

Cycling Santa Barbara Sunday Ride Route

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Santa Barbara Mesa Loop

Skip Santa Barbara Sunday

  • 10 Miles
  • Santa Barbara, Ca
  • Start at the Dolphin Fountain and head west on the beach path, on your way to lunch at Beachside on Hendry’s Beach.

Santa Barbara Sunday Ride

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